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After his first taste of this smooth, golden oil, Thomas Jefferson wrote "I did not believe there existed so perfect a substitute for olive oil. He said it was "among the most valuable acquisitions our country has ever made." Few plants excited...
Irresistible on any pasta or rice dish as well as on meat. Try a few drops on fried eggs or on a piece of fresh crusty Italian bread or even French fries! 375ml (13oz) try truffled carrots   If you would like to include a message for...
Grown near Lakeland, GA and pressed from the first olives harvested East of the Mississippi since the 1800's, this green buttery & fruity olive oil is perfect for salads, bread, light cooking and baking. Certified Georgia Grown. 375ml/12.7oz
Includes three of our signature extra virgin olive oils (oils based may vary/based on availability), one traditional aged balsamic vinegar and one pack of Charleston Spice Co Mediterranean Blend Dipping Spices. Gift wrapped. (Gift wrap may be different...
A delicate truffle with a hint of natural garlic. Delicious as a finishing oil over pastas, soups, seafood, rice, popcorn and pizza. 375 ml/12.7 oz