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Strawberry Basil Olive Oil


A Lowcountry Olive Oil  seasonal creation, this oil is delicious with chicken, salads, and in baked goods like cakes and waffles.  Try with Violet lavender Balsamic. 12.7 oz bottle

Strawberry Basil Olive Oil Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Strawberry Basil oil

Posted by Jennifer Brennan on 15th Aug 2023

I make a delicious beet salad with this combined with the strawberry champagne vinegar. Awesome

Strawberry Basil Olive Oil

Posted by Tim Colie on 26th Oct 2021

Bought this one to be try myself before ordering one for my sister's birthday. She loves strawberry AND basil on a salad. It is fantastic! Love it on a salad with the Bourbon Balsamic.

Strawberry Oil

Posted by Harriet Willis on 13th May 2020

Purchased a sample size and love the flavor so much plan to purchase a full bottle with my next order!