Our heart-healthy California Avocado oil is a delicious buttery alternative to olive oil, with the added benefit of a higher smoke point (roughly 500 degrees), which makes it more suitable for frying and high heat cooking. 375 ml (12.7oz) Okra Fritte
NOW ON SALE 30% OFF WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Priced as marked After his first taste of this smooth, golden oil, Thomas Jefferson wrote "I did not believe there existed so perfect a substitute for olive oil. He said it was "among the most valuable...
Irresistible on any pasta or rice dish as well as on meat. Try a few drops on fried eggs or on a piece of fresh crusty Italian bread or even French fries! 375ml (13oz) If you would like to include a message for a recipient, please type it in...
A delicate truffle with a hint of natural garlic. Delicious as a finishing oil over pastas, soups, seafood, rice, popcorn and pizza. 375 ml/12.7 oz