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Perfectly Pickled Peaches


Pickled Pink's Perfectly Pickled Peaches. It's just fun to say. Add these southern treats to any charcuterie or cheese tray or just eat them straight out of the jar! Pickled with a hint of cinnamon and cloves with a touch of red pepper to add some zip. A portion of the sale of each jar goes to Hunters Hotline, a youth crisis hotline. 16 oz.

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Perfectly Pickled

Posted by Sherrie on 29th Jul 2020

I grew up with my mom's peach pickle - a sweetly spiced fruit put up in jars to enjoy year 'round. This is a grown-up version with a light touch of red pepper heat along with the sweet spices. Not the nostalgic taste I was looking for, but a more complex and interesting flavor combination. Give these a try!