Award winning Charleston Mix Bloody Mary Mix is made with premium, natural ingredients that have been native to Lowcountry pantries for centuries. Bold and Spicy mix is horseradish-free and features a unique blend of habanero mash, apple cider...
Pickled Pink's Perfectly Pickled Peaches. It's just fun to say. Add these southern treats to any charcuterie or cheese tray or just eat them straight out of the jar! Pickled with a hint of cinnamon and cloves with a touch of red pepper to add some zip. A...
Hot Honey is one of the fastest growing culinary trends. Raw southern wildflower honey spiced with fermented pepper mash. Add a sweet spicy kick to fruits, desserts (ice cream sundaes), cocktails and more. This product is a local creation of the Red...
Lowcountry Salt Water Taffy flavor assortment includes: watermelon, key lime, peppermint, banana, peach, strawberry and cherry. 8oz  
Watermelon rinds pickled with cinnamon, clove and ginger. Try these Southern treats over salads, with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon or eat them straight out of the jar! 16 oz.