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Marsh Hen Mill (formerly Geechie Boy) WHITE Stone Ground Grits

Creamy stone ground grits (crushed kernels of dried corn) from the Charleston Lowcountry's favorite family owned grist mill. 
What's the difference between yellow and white? Yellow grits may taste slightly sweeter, while white are more often preferred for more elegant meals. (Family recipe included)
1.5lb bag. (weight is rounded up to 2lbs by usps for proper shipping calculation)


Marsh Hen Mill (formerly Geechie Boy) WHITE Stone Ground Grits Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Geechie Boy Grits (White)

Posted by Bone Driver on 4th Jul 2021

Geechie Boy grits are the traditional and genuine article. I have found no superior and have tried them all. Some are close but the quality and consistency of this product edges out competitors.

Southern Stamp of Approval

Posted by Mary Austin on 14th Oct 2019

Y'all these are the best grits EVER!!! I'm from South Carolina, and was recently introduced to the Geechie Boy grits by a co-worker and oh what a game changer these bad boys are. They are mouth watering good, and you seriously can't stop at just one bowl! My tastebuds thank you for the grits upgrade :)

Easy to make and great taste too

Posted by Myra Inman on 31st Aug 2019

I ordered these grits on Lowcountry olive oil website, because you just can't find grits up in Michigan, unless there Quaker instant grits