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Lime Olive Oil


Persian or Tahitian limes are the most common variety of limes found in grocery stores. Limes for this oil are crushed directly with the olives producing a refreshing olive oil that works well in fruit salads, guacamole, salsas, chicken and seafood.  375ml/12.7oz

Suggested vinegar pairing for salads:

Lime Olive Oil Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Pantry Staple

Posted by Nancy on 9th Apr 2020

Persian Lime olive oil and Pina Colada white balsamic are pantry staples for our home. I use them for the only salad dressing my husband will eat anymore. Also a great oil to use on fish.

Persian/Tahitian Lime EVOO

Posted by Holly Vories on 13th Dec 2017

It adds a bright flavor to everything I cook with it.

Lime Olive Oil

Posted by Lee Ellen King on 16th Jun 2014

I made mango salsa and used the Lime Olive Oil. It was wonderful. The lime flavored oil gave it an extra zest. I also used it on tilapia. Wonderful! I love the oil.