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Large Pour Spout


Dress up your 12 oz bottles with chrome-finished hinged metal pour spouts. (chrome spouts fit glass bottles only, not sample sized bottles) Why are these the best spouts for your oils? Read this article!

 PLEASE NOTE! The chrome portion of the spout can be separated from the rubber bottom for cleaning. We recommend only the chrome portion be washed in the dishwasher as the heat in the dishwasher will cause the rubber to shrink and will no longer create a tight seal on the bottle.

Large Pour Spout Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

must have

Posted by Indira on 16th Aug 2021

This is the perfect pair to any vinegar or oil you get here. It’s just the easiest way to used your oils or vinegars! I love them! I have one for each bottle I own!

Large pour spout

Posted by Verity Flanery on 4th Jan 2021

The spuut works well. The 9nly reason I did not give it 5 stars it it was hard to get it in the bottle, but I am do not have a lot of arm strength. It does not leak and it looks nice on my table with my oil and vinegar or choice.


Posted by Diane Workman on 23rd Nov 2020

FANTASTIC! Makes pouring so much easier!

Great spouts

Posted by Kelly on 16th Aug 2020

These spouts are great. They fit all my oil and vinegar bottles, even some I purchase elsewhere. I would recommend these.

Works Great!

Posted by Sam L on 29th Jun 2020

Definitely recommend if you're getting bottles of olive oil, these spouts come in handy and work great!

Worth purchasing!

Posted by Jen R. on 13th Jan 2018

This isn't something I'd have ever thought to buy for myself, but I received one as a gift and now I don't want to do without it. I've bought additional spouts for my other bottles of oil; simple to use, keeps everything clean and avoids spills, highly recommended.

I love these Spouts

Posted by KG on 2nd Jul 2016

Great Spouts....they actually work well with any type of olive oil bottle....Great!


Posted by WYNETTE on 10th Jan 2016


Who would have thought....

Posted by Jenny on 2nd Jul 2015

I never thought that a spout could make such a huge difference for using the balsamic vinegars. It does. It is awesome and so convenient. No more drips, spills, or mishaps. Buy the spout, it is worth the cost.