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Garlic Olive Oil


Our classic garlic infused olive oil is a household staple.  Useful in a variety of meals. Try a drizzle over steaks, pizza, braised chicken or popcorn! Try with our traditional aged balsamic for the perfect bread dipping combo or vinaigrette. 375ml/12.7oz

Vinegar pairing suggestions for salads:


Roasted Lemon Garlic Broccoli

Garlic Olive Oil Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Blown away

Posted by Steve M on 14th May 2022

This product fills the home with an aroma to die for. Absolutely amazing. And then you taste the difference this product makes in your meal… magnificent.

Garlic Olive Oil

Posted by KK on 21st Sep 2021

It was a dark day in the kitchen the first (and only) time I ran out of my Garlic Olive Oil. Now I always make sure to have one on stand-by. It is my go-to for cooking, bread dipping, and housewarming gifts.

Garlic Olive Oil

Posted by Audrey on 19th Jul 2021

I Love this Garlic Olive Oil !!!!! I use it instead of seasonings or butter on seafood, meats, rice, and pasta.

Garlic Oil

Posted by Robin Swenson on 7th Mar 2021

Two day delivery was awesome. This is the best garlic oil I have ever had. I've had garlic oils from all around the U.S. and this by far has the best flavor.

Awesome Olive Oils

Posted by Neil Castellane on 8th Apr 2020

We just ordered another 3 bottles of the Garlic Olive Oil. We use these all the time and love the different flavor options. We are italian so we go through a lot of olive oil, especially the garlic infused oils. Delivery is always super quick too! HIGHLY Recommend!

Great flavor

Posted by Joanna Hughes on 12th Jun 2019

The garlic olive oil has great flavor! I use it with vegetables and also in homemade marinara sauce. Delish!

aaahhhhh GARLIC!!!

Posted by Jamee Stroble on 4th Dec 2016

Probably the best Garlic Olive Oil I've tried!

Favorite Product

Posted by Unknown on 27th Mar 2016

Love the taste of the Garlic Olive Oil. We put it on our salad and when I make a fried egg it gives the egg a great flavor. I use it with many dishes. We bought it when we visited Charleston and have ordered it on line too. I have to hide it from my husband so that I get some too.