A combination of green Serrano chili with fennel, cilantro, and Vidalia onion, this bright and herbaceous, medium-intensity hot sauce is aged for 2 months in bourbon barrels. 8oz If you would like to include a message for a recipient,...
This mild, sweet and smooth and savory hot sauce is made from Fresno chili peppers and aged in bourbon barrels for two months.  Ingredients: fresno chili peppers, white wine vinegar, filtered water, kosher salt, xanthum gum. 5oz If you would...
Lowcountry Salt Water Taffy flavor assortment includes: watermelon, key lime, peppermint, banana, peach, strawberry and cherry. 8oz  
Geechie Indigo Popcorn comes from a special variety of maize ("corn") that produces a sweeter, fluffy product than traditional popcorn. Like all corn, the kernel is white on the inside, not blue. Drizzle with our butter flavored olive oil and...
Originally served with collard greens on New Years Day, these flavorful red peas grown on Edisto Island are the perfect side-dish for any favorite Southern meal. Also delicious with Carolina Gold Rice! 1.5 lb bag (rounded up to 2lbs at checkout for UPS...
From the creators of Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil, this sweet hickory smoked South Carolina raw honey is delicious over bacon, pork, fried chicken, biscuits, and even coffee and tea. 3oz Buy a large jar here
Tellicherry peppercorns, slightly cracked and smoked over hickory wood. Adds a depth of flavor to meats, salads and all of your favorite dishes. Hand-Crafted in Charleston. 1.7 oz    
Fun and easy-to-make mixes in a variety of flavors. Choose your favorite beer to make your own unique beer bread! Can be made with any type of beer or non-alcoholic carbonated substitute. 100% all-natural ingredients that makes one loaf of delicious...
Watermelon rinds pickled with cinnamon, clove and ginger. Try these Southern treats over salads, with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon or eat them straight out of the jar! 16 oz. 
This locally made glaze is loaded with Thai Chilis, garlic, cilantro, & chives. Spicy, all natural, vegan and gluten free.  Uses: eggrolls chicken wings salmon tofu lettuce wraps edamame Try Burnt and Salty's other sauces: Korean...