Baked locally by Charleston Specialty Foods using a historic recipe, this crisp cookie is rich with ginger and molasses. Add a Charleston Tea Plantation Sampler for the perfect gift pairing. 3.5 oz
Charleston's Own Key Lime Cookies are locally hand-crafted and baked according to an heirloom family recipe. Ingredients include cage free eggs and organic citrus. These light, crispy tea cookies are finished with a dusting of fine powdered sugar and...
These homemade lemon cookies are baked by Charleston Specialty Foods using a traditional recipe with cage free eggs and organic citrus. Each cookie is a light, crispy, full flavored lemon cookie, coated in fine...
Family-owned Cocoa Academic uses sustainably sourced cocoa beans to produce unique chocolate bars in Charleston. Flavors include lavender, espresso, reaper, salted pecan, blood orange, sweet tea, and more. Perfect for gift giving.  1.2 oz
Inspired by a Filipino vinegar BBQ sauce, Coconut Suka adds an element of acidic spiciness to any dish, creating complexity with subtle sweet/salty notes. Use as a vinegar based BBQ sauce for smoked, pulled meats, dip you deli sandwich in a ramekin...
This locally made dressing boasts that it's delicious on everything from A-Z. Try on burgers, ribs, bacon-stuffed shrimp, seafood, fries and more! Active ingredients include but are not limited to : sugar, water, salt, black pepper, spices, tomato...
This savory combination of figs, sweet onions and rosemary is one you don’t want to miss. Serve it with an assortment of cheeses—think blue cheese, goat cheese or brie—as an appetizer with a loaf of crusty, warm French bread. Or, make a...
Stoneground on a local family farm on Edisto Island using restored antique mills, these grits are ground from heirloom blue corn and have a slightly floral taste. Read about the farm.
Creamy stone ground grits (crushed kernels of dried corn) from the Charleston Lowcountry's favorite family owned grits mill.    What's the difference between yellow and white? Yellow grits may taste slightly sweeter, while...
Creamy sweet yellow corn stone ground grits from the Lowcountry's favorite family owned grits mill. 1.5lb bag (weight is rounded up for proper shipping calculation)
Hand-milled heirloom black eyed peas grown on Edisto Island. Not just for New Year's anymore, serve them will pulled-pork, cornbread and okra for the perfect southern summertime meal! 1.5 lb bag (rounded up at checkout for UPS calculations)  
All natural pickled okra using an age old lowcountry recipe, slightly spicy but not overly hot. 12oz Add to any relish tray, Bloody Mary (pair with our Charleston Bloody Mary Mix) appetizer  enjoy as a snack. Family owned and operated...