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Blood Orange Dark Balsamic Vinegar


This rich, thick fusion of blood oranges and our premium 25-star traditional vinegar adds a citrus zest to salad dressings, sauces, meats, cheeses and ice cream. Enjoy this balsamic on lamb hamburgers with feta or goat cheese or try drizzled over hard or semi-hard cheeses such as Manchego. Hand-blended in Charleston by Lowcountry Olive Oil.

Suggested pairings for salads or marinades:


Roasted Root Vegetables over Mixed Greens

Blood Orange Bourbon Balsamic Cocktail


Blood Orange Dark Balsamic Vinegar Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Blood Orange Vinegar

Posted by Tatiana on 23rd Apr 2020

I got to try similar product when was visiting my friend who is amazing cook. When I found this website. I decided to place and order and bought a few bottles. This vinegar is by far my favorite. Tried it with the salads... tied it with meats... whatever you do, You can not go wrong. Perfection. Hope You, guys, will continue making this one.

Blood Orange

Posted by ClassSeaLady on 30th Jan 2019

Blood Orange is my favorite flavor of LC Vinegars. It pops the flavor of spinach. I just sprinkle it on greens while warming them on the stove. I also use it in my chili. It breaks down the chunks of ground meat during the browning process and adds flavor. This vinegar flavor is very versatile, and I highly recommend that it be purchased.

The best Blood Orange Balsamic

Posted by Unknown on 29th Jun 2017

I am an experienced cook and am particularly aware of the importance of ingredients. Balsamic is a critical element. I have never found anything that comes close to LowCountry's Blood Orange and order it regularly although I live in New York and there are ample oil and vinegar specialty shops.

Amazing Taste

Posted by Jenny on 2nd Jul 2015

I use this vinegar on roasted vegetables. It is yummy.