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Black Truffle Garlic Oil


Irresistible on any pasta or rice dish as well as on meat. Try a few drops on fried eggs or on a piece of fresh crusty Italian bread or even French fries! 375ml (13oz)

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Black Truffle Garlic Oil Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Can't Stop Buying This Amazing Oil!!!

Posted by Mary Austin on 14th Oct 2019

This is without a doubt my favorite oil to cook with. It's absolutely amazing, and truly makes a difference in the dishes that I cook. It's also one of my go to gifts for people when they are hosting a party.....seriously you can't go wrong with this stuff. I've gotten the whole family hooked, so don't order this unless you're prepared to be addicted for life!!!

Black Truffle Olive Oil

Posted by Dorothy Tarver on 17th Jan 2018

Flavorful and delicious. I use it on pizza, baked potatoes, grilled steak, french fries; the list is endless.

This is my favorite flavored Olive Oil

Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2016

I love this olive oil. I use it on pizza, in risotto and other pastas.

Just bought bottle #5

Posted by Ellen on 16th Apr 2016

We love this olive oil and use it all the time. So glad that I was introduced to it! My husband loves it so much he won't share it with anyone!