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Lowcountry Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Hand blended exclusively in Charleston from two certified, first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils, this blend of green Chilean Arbequina and Arbosana olive oils is smooth and buttery upfront with a strong peppery finish. Perfect for sauteing, salads and dipping bread. 12oz

Lowcountry Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Tracy Simard

Posted by Tracy Simard on 17th Jan 2018

Tracy Simard

Simply Amazing

Posted by Katie Jones on 17th Feb 2016

I received my first bottle as a Christmas present, and after just one dinner it became a must have for my kitchen. I started out using it to sauté shrimp and was incredibly pleased with the complex yet light flavor. I also drizzle it over chicken breasts and slow bake them, creating a unique and versatile base for several entrees. Ordering was easy and delivery was quick. I am so incredibly happy to have discovered this oil.

Excellent taste

Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2014

This is the best tasting olive oil that I've ever bought. I decided to do the taste test --swish it around and see if it left a bit of a burn on my tongue. YES!! After buying oils from the grocery store and finding that they were already rancid, I decided to try finding a supplier in the South. I didn't realize I would find one in South Carolina, my home state. SO glad I made this purchase!