Dress up your 12 oz bottles with chrome-finished hinged metal pour spouts. (chrome spouts fit glass bottles only, not sample sized bottles) Why are these the best spouts for your oils? Read this article!   PLEASE NOTE! The chrome...
Locally blended by family-owned Charleston Spice Company, this classic blend of ten organic herbs and spices with red pepper flakes for a little heat,  is the perfect accompaniment to our Lowcountry Blend, Arbequina, Georgia Grown or Olio...
Locally roasted, sugared and spiced pecans. Hand-crafted in artisan batches. Perfect for gifts, salads and snacking. 7oz
These delicious pecans are made with locally sourced 100 proof Apple Pie Moonshine!  No additives or preservatives.  They are all natural, gluten free and farm fresh. Perfect as a snack or an ice cream and cheesecake topping.
This classic Greek Seasoning is delicious in olive oil (try with Greek Koroneiki or Early Harvest Organic Greek Koroneiki Oil)
Aged for 2 months in bourbon barrels, this hot sauce is sweet and spicy with tropical notes. Ingredients: Carrot, habanero pepper, cider vinegar, filtered water, kosher salt, orange peel, xantham gum Handcrafted in SC by Red Clay Hot Sauce Co 5 oz
A combo of Fresno chili pepper and Carolina reaper peppers, this sweet and smoky hot sauce is aged for three months in bourbon barrels. Ingredients: fresno chili peppers, Carolina reaper peppers, white wine vinegar, filtered water, kosher salt, xanthum...
A combination of green Serrano chili with fennel, cilantro, and Vidalia onion, this bright and herbaceous, medium-intensity hot sauce is aged for 2 months in bourbon barrels. 8oz If you would like to include a message for a recipient,...
This mild, sweet and smooth and savory hot sauce is made from Fresno chili peppers and aged in bourbon barrels for two months.  Ingredients: fresno chili peppers, white wine vinegar, filtered water, kosher salt, xanthum gum. 8oz If you would...
Geechie Indigo Popcorn comes from a special variety of maize ("corn") that produces a sweeter, fluffy product than traditional popcorn. Like all corn, the kernel is white on the inside, not blue. Drizzle with our butter flavored olive oil and...
From the creators of Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil, this sweet hickory smoked South Carolina raw honey is delicious over bacon, pork, fried chicken, biscuits, and even coffee and tea. 3oz Buy a large jar here
Tellicherry peppercorns, slightly cracked and smoked over hickory wood. Adds a depth of flavor to meats, salads and all of your favorite dishes. Hand-Crafted in Charleston. 1.7 oz